7 Minutes in Heaven at PULSAR on FRI, 2/12

By Laura Blüer

This Friday, February 12, 2016 marks the inaugural evening of performances at PULSAR, a new venue in Brooklyn for body-based art, which will be holding events every month out of the black box space at Catland Books in Bushwick.

PULSAR was conceptualized by collaborators Tif Robinette (aka AGROFEMME) and Ian Deleón, who felt that Brooklyn is in need of more spaces that regularly host performance art. That is to say that Robinette and Deleón are acutely aware that as with any art community, fresh spaces and ambitious curatorial initiatives greatly aid in performance artists’ production of new works and in the birth of new collaborations and connections. In a conversation with Deleón, we discussed his and Robinette’s vision for PULSAR as one that prioritizes pushing artists’ comfort zones by instigating curated collaborations and the merging of artists and audiences of the various distinct genres of embodied art that comprise the medium of performance.

Deleón emphasized his and Robinette’s vision to proactively curate performance events by provoking collaborations between artists who may have never met each other and who perhaps view their work as being of a completely different discipline. Deleón pointed out that artists who self-identify as dancers, performers, or stage actors all employ varying degrees of complementary aesthetic, technical, thematic, and conceptual aspects in their work, yet there seems to be little traceable overlap between these rich spheres in their live manifestations or in those who attend them. The curators hope to inspire a more sustained dialogue between the abundant micro communities of performance in New York City by creating this innovative trans-disciplinary forum and by encouraging artists to create within a different framework than that which they may be accustomed to.

Deleón remarked that one weakness of the Brooklyn performance art community, in spite of its prolificness, is that so much incredible work is produced every day and there are few ongoing archival initiatives, except on a more individual basis (such as on artists’ own websites) and in the case of platforms like Hyperallergic, for example, which is one of the few that covers some Brooklyn performance events. Even so, the vast majority of writing on local performance art is Manhattan-centric. Further, most does not delve as deeply as it could into critical analyses of the work. Or, it fixates on artists’ intent rather than the lasting effect of performance and the political and aesthetic implications of action art within the context it was presented. While there is certainly no formula for writing about performance art, there is a general consensus that artists, curators, and audience should all be paying more attention to the nuances of curatorial lineups and the work itself. Ideally, there would be much more commentary and critique generated about performance art, attempts on multiple levels to understand the origins of a given piece and to interpret it through a myriad of lenses. An approach to writing about, analyzing, and documenting performance in this way is more productive in the long run for both artists and the medium—rather than the popular style of blog posts, articles, and reviews that are rooted in self-promotion, marketing, or spectacle itself. One way that Deleón and Robinette hope to maintain fire from the sparks of pivotal live moments at PULSAR is to push for documentation, interactive analysis, and ephemeral dialogues in the aftermath of each event. They hope that by prompting these continuous post-performance reflections, artists will receive more feedback, which in turn leads to growth in their work.

This Friday’s performance lineup is INCENDIARY, featuring 7-minute pieces by Ayana Evans, Édgar J Ulloa Luján, Erik HokansonGeraldo Mercado, Jessi T Walsh, Jill McDermid, Joiri Minaya, Panoply Lab. The details about the venue, time and entrance are below. See you at PULSAR to inaugurate a progressive experiment in performance art!

Friday, February 12, 2016
8 pm
987 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Morgan Ave L train
$10 @ door
RSVP on Facebook



Coming up at ABC NO RIO | Affect Surgery: A One Night Exhibition of Performance Art

AFFECT SURGERY will occur this Thursday, July 16 at ABC No Rio. Artists Tif Robinette (aka. AGROFEMME), Uniska Wahala Kano, Jodie Lynkeechow, Rudi Salpietra, and Naked Roots Conducive will present new performance works with regards to the social body and performative operations. The venue, founded in 1980 and renowned for its “Punk Matinee” series—among other anarchist and community initiatives—is a site that encourages works dealing with issues that resonate in the Lower East Side, a neighborhood still haunted by gentrification’s constant outward push. Curated by Esther Neff of Panoply Performance Laboratory, the exhibition includes works that respond to the question, “Can we use performance art to research empathic strategies for resistance and solidarity?”

ABC No Rio is located at 156 Rivington St, Nueva York 10002
The show starts at 7:30pm, and more details can be found here on facebook.

— laura blüer


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Images from INCEN•DIARIO, a new performance and videoart monthly series curated by Laura Blüer of GIRÓN Center for Arts & Tactics. The first iteration of INCEN•DIARIO took place at Panoply Performance Lab on March 27, 2014.

INCEN•DIARIO is an ongoing, traveling event series of both live and video performance art. The curation process includes an open call and select commissioned works. Each exhibition features pieces that communicate labour and physical struggle as a gateway to fantasy and the fantastic. In an art/youth culture that largely tends to veer away from politically-charged and activist work, INCEN•DIARIO exists as an opportunity to showcase artists who are working with radical ideas and addressing the current state of affairs, rather than using their practice as a means to escape it. By making work that directly or abstractly addresses society’s flaws, we set fire to the day and create a glimpse of a fantastic utopian world contained within the performance space.

An evening of live performances and works of video art that communicate labour and physical struggle as a gateway to the fantastic.
Facebook Event Page

Thomas Albrecht: “El sueño de la razón”

Olivia Swider & Fernando Martinez: “11 Minutes in Heaven”

Jane Claire: “Abs of Steel”

Hilary Sand: “Sledgehammer Piece #3″

Olivia McGilchrist: “Lover’s Leap in Sudden White”

Shobun Baile: “Sanguine”

Linda Paúla Marcos: “Vacío”

Miles Pflanz: Selected Diptychs

Laura Blüer: ” Construir/Destruir “
(w/ Hilary Sand, cinematography by Jonathan Mittiga & Miles Pflanx)

El trabajo es la más hermosa alegría de la vida. Y la luz, la mañana, el sueño y la verdad echaban a andar al mismo tiempo. Labour is the most beautiful happiness in life. And light, morning, a dream, and the truth began to walk at the same time.
—Mañuel Cofiño López (Cuban Revolutionary writer, Havana 1979)