Update: “Weather Patterns: The Smell Of Red”

A note should be added to the recent post, “Polaroid Excavations: the Opening of Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red” as there has been interest and concern over the name of the curator of the event. The exhibition, that lasted from June 1st through June 21st was curated by Jennifer Johung. For complete information of the event, please refer to Glasshouse Art Life Lab’s event’s page, here.


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Polaroid Excavations: the Opening of Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red

By Angeli Sion

Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red, a sensorial and collaborative ecological installation, surfaced to air the proposition of artists Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern, co-produced with Marcelino Barsi, to heighten an exchange of the senses in a body that barely registers the arrival of intersensoriality.

Tapping into weather as a medium via architectural and sculptural elements, the installation materialized conditions for bodies to come together in unexpected ways across becoming mercurial fields. The appearance of a tornado becomes contingent on the bodies around it.  At a certain alignment of body and object, a dancing of the field occurs.

Coinciding the same evening as the installation were Juliana España Keller’s “Food Gestures and Michael Hornblow’s explorations of the infrathin with “OmegaVille”.  Keller’s installation of hanging glass terrariums offered food such as almonds, blueberries, dried ginger, and reindeer moss from Quebec in the yard. In its poetic gesture to foraging and the act of reaching and going back to the earth it enacted an exchange of knowledge.  Through video and online photo spheres downstairs, Hornblow produced an exchange of perceived space at the interface of insides and outsides, street to gallery, through conflating layers of time.

Although all three installations generated participatory conditions in disparate locations throughout Glasshouse, the long-term art-life-lab project and space of Lital Dotan and Eyal Perry, their undercurrents converged through and across the bodies of those who came the night of the opening, back and forth in loops, transforming the senses.

The following Polaroids mark this dancing of the field between bodies in performing their own mutable states, excisions into inside, outside the image, and material engagement with image-making as one that unfolds over time.




side 1


side 2


side 1


side 2


side 1


side 2


side 1


side 2


side 1


side 2



side 1


side 2

Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red, was a sensorial and collaborative ecological installation, produced by Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern with Marcelino Barsi, coinciding with installation Food Gestures by Juliana España Keller and OmegaVille by Michael Hornblow the same evening at Glasshouse, June 1, 2014.

Please refer to our update on this article made on June 26th, for a correction.

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