INCIDENT, an online and print publication dedicated to the discussion of performance art and post-performance, is calling for submissions of original, previously unpublished work and documentation.

All content submitted to INCIDENT should be previously unpublished material. You should have edited to the best of your ability before submitting content. Please pay attention to the submission guidelines below and be sure to include everything we ask for, if applicable. Submissions are not limited to English. Translations are not required, but very welcome.

All submissions will be considered either for INCIDENT‘s online platform on a rolling basis or the first issue of our print edition set for launch in August 2014.

All submissions should be emailed to as a Word Document (.DOC or .DOCX file) or .RTF file.  Suggested word limits/lengths are listed by type of submission below.
In the email subject line, please write the type of piece, followed by the artist name and title of their piece, if applicable, the writer, the place/venue, and the date.
For example: Performance Reveiw: Non Grata “¡Alive!” at Grace Exhibition Space, by David LaGaccia, November 2013

What we are looking for*:
– Critical essays (approx. 5,000–7,000 words)
– Show/exhibition/gallery Reviews (approx. 800–2,000 words)
– Commentary (approx. 800–2,000 words)
– Op-ed (opinion) stories (approx. 2,000–7,000 words)
– Feature stories (approx. 5,000–7,000 words)
– Interviews
– Artist profiles/features
– Post Performance (more free-form musings on the after effects of performance art)
– Documentation** (Photo/video/audio documentation of performance art)
– Video-Performance (This is not documentation, but performances executed for the purpose of the medium of video)

*All submissions, regardless of type, should include accompanying media (photo/video) for publication with the piece, as well as a bio about the writer (200 words max)
**See our style guide for proper photo submission guidelines. If you are sending a video submission, please provide the URL of your video
Photo/video/documentation submissions should be labeled with:
1) the venue
2) date
3) artist documented
4) title of piece & a description/review of the piece
5) and documenter (photo/videographer) all properly credited
6) Photo submissions need to follow the image style guide provided
7) Video submissions should be provided through a video hosting site such as vimeo or Youtube. They should be publicly accessible or you must provide the password.

Image Submission Style Guide

dpi refers to “dots per inch” or ppi (pixels per inch) and is a measurement of an image’s resolution or quality.
Low-res refers to low resolution images, or anything under 200 dpi (these are used for web-quality images)
Hi-res refers to high resolution images, or anything above 200 dpi (these are used for print-quality images)

** IF AVAILABLE, HI-RES IMAGES ARE ALWAYS PREFERABLE ** (this allows for more flexibility w/ image editing/retouching and printing)


More flexible w/ image quality b/c standard screen resolution is just 72 dpi

– Cell phone images are ok–just send the full size file, not compressed
(for example, an iphone photo will measure around 20″ x 14″ and 72dpi)
– If sending a resampled raw image from a DSLR, measurements should be at least 1000 px on the shortest side and at least 72 dpi



– 5100 x 3300 px and 300dpi is a full bleed 11×17 spread (a horizontal image all the way across the full spread of the magazine)
– 2550 x 3300px and 300 dpi is a full bleed vertical image that occupies a full 8.5 x 11 sheet (ie. 1 page of the mag)

– MINIMUM print image dimensions should be 2000 x 3000 pixels and 300dpi, or if the ratio is not exactly 2:3–> at least 2000 px on the SHORT SIDE

** for print, the bigger the better **