Bushwick Open Studios, Documentaton of the Street

Text and photos by David LaGaccia

Spread Art's gallery space at Bushwick Open Studios on 12 Grattan Street.

Spread Art’s gallery space at Bushwick Open Studios on 12 Grattan Street.

Spread Art, a Detroit based gallery featuring experimental music and performance, organized and curated over 30 artits during their stay at Bushwick Open Studios. With sight and sound, Spread Art directors Thomas Bell and Christina de Roos took over 12 Grattan street for two days, attracting spectators and viewers who winded through the Bushwick gallery scene  to see artists like Myk Henry, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Maria Fernanda Hubeaut, and Sherry Aliberti performing through interaction and intervention. This is documentation of some the happenings that occurred over the two days through Bushwick, though, this is not by all means all the wonderful performances that occurred over the two days. A full list of curated artists can be fund here.

Day one: Saturday, May 31st


Spread Art organizer Thomas Bell performing and setting the tone throughout the two days. Don’t hit the piano player!


This is how semi-professional pianists play.


Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. The piano may need tuning after this.


The remains of the performance.

Claribel Jolie Pichardo performing "Loving you with Flowers."

Claribel Jolie Pichardo performing “Loving You with Flowers.”

Sherry Aliberti performing in-front of the crowd at BOS. She would later perform later that night with her CocoonNYC project.

Sherry Aliberti performing in-front of the crowd at BOS. She would perform later that night with her CocoonNYC project.


A trace of performance artist John Downing Bonafede’s past mistakes. “I once tried to deal drugs because I was really hurting to pay the rent. I was not good at it.”


Performance artist, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow giving drill instruction to her cadets.


Visitors diving into the plastic bottle pool, set up across from Spread Art’s camp.

Day two: Sunday June 1st.


Kalan Sherrard’s work had a intervention aspect to his work, featuring strange imagery, with “high-culture” with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring playing from a speaker, and discussions of serious subjects such as gentrification.


Sherrard performing a miniature puppet show on the table.


Panoply Performance Laboratory’s Esther Neff (right) and Brian McCorkle (left) performing in the streets of Bushwick, “Can I pick you up, can we pick you up?” Here they are hoisting artist Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow.


Panoply Lab lifted many viewers throughout there performance, with ambient noise playing through a speaker in the background.


New York’s very own, Matthew Silver, dancing a jig in-front of two musicians he was performing with.


He attracted a big crowd dancing and performing.


Billy Mark performing with James Cornish, playing music on the sidewalk as spectators walked by.


Constructing a performance, Erik Hokanson beginning to build his performance structure.


Hokanson’s structure began to take for throughout his performance.


Elsewhere at Glasshouse Artlifelab, interactive instilations were contructed for “Weather Patters: The Smell Of Red”. The featured artists were Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern, with Marcelino Barsi, Mike Hornblow + Juliana España Keller, and curated by Jennifer Johung.


Four “tornadoes” were installed in the store-front gallery with mounds of spices, cinnamon and cocoa at the base. This work is by artists Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern. The show will run till June 21st.


Guests were asked to enjoy interacting with and eating the fruit in the hanging instillation.


Raúl de Nieves reading Poems about the Fool

Raúl de Nieves at Panoply Performance Lab on 5/8/14. Recording: Laura Blüer Photos: Hilary Sand

Mi hijo, ¿qué es lo que ves? Mi hijo, ¿qué es lo que ves?
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