Tempting Failure 2016 Performance and Noise Art Festival Preview


Photo: Courtesy of Tempting Failure

By David LaGaccia

The Tempting Failure performance art and noise art Festival begins its fifth anniversary today, where for nine days, 85 participating performance and noise artists will perform in the neighborhoods of London from July 21st through July 29th. INCIDENT Magazine will be the official media sponsor of the event, and will provide write-ups and documentation of each performance throughout the festival.

Venues will be held in the East London, Brixton, and Croydon areas of London, with D:NA, Hackney Showroom, Barberette, Theater Utopia in Matthews Yard, and DescARTS playing host to the artists including new works by Esther Neff, Helena Goldwater, Vela Oma, Richard Herring, Rudolf Eb.er and many more.

gillian jane lees and adam york gregory

Gillian Jane Lees and Adam York Gregory who will be performing a durational piece at the Hackney Showroom on July 27th at 12 a.m.
Photo: Courtesy of Tempting Failure

Thomas John Bacon, artistic director of the festival wrote in a statement that the festival will be,” provocative, challenging, inspiring, tender and sometimes shocking international performance art and noise art.” And, “Works this year may speak of growth, new beginnings, or origin. A sense of breaking free; of struggles with containment and identity. Or perhaps even leading to a language of science, biology, religion, sexuality, stillness or motion. If any year of TF could truly represent what artwork the festival champions then this year is it!”

The festival opens tonight the 21st  at 7:30 p.m. with discussions and a private viewing of a performance by Anthony Elliott & Wajid Yaseen titled CrossingLines at Matthew’s Yard; the performance is described as an “improvised vocal and sound-drawing.”

Rudolf Eb.er

Rudolf Eb.er, who will be performing at the Hackney Showroom, Jully 29th at 10 P.M.
Photo: Courtesy of Tempting Failure

“This is the first time that it [D:NA] will be a venue for Tempting Failure”, said Erst Fischer, who runs the venue D:NA, which is an acronym for Dust, Narratives and Artifacts. “It was a venue in the 1980s and 1990’s, and for about ten years I did my own shows with friends and neighbors.

Fischer, who teaches theater performance studies at Roehampton University and has participated in three previous Tempting Failure festivals, will also be participating in the festival as a performer on July 24th, giving festival attendees a walking tour his neighborhood in Brixton.

“It was Thomas, in fact, who suggested I should do this tour, calling them Toorchen Tours, in memory of Anthea Toorchen,” said Fischer. Toorchen, a friend of Fischer’s, died in February 2015. “I’m thinking of this as a kind of test project, a documentary project that doesn’t always provide more photographs or videos, because rubbish in general is our leftovers of processes, and of lives.”

Tickets for the event costs £10 for single day passes, or £60 for festival passes. For a complete list of artists, scheduling, and venue information, please refer to the Tempting Failure website at: http://www.temptingfailure.com/