UP⬆️NYC Performance Festival Preview


By David LaGaccia

UP⬆️NYC, a new annual performance festival based in New York will take place this Thursday, April 21st, at The Paper Box. The festival, which will feature a variety of experimental and interdisciplinary performance work, includes performance art, noise music, and video in its programming.

The festival comes out of a collaboration between Brooklyn artists Wild Torus and the Estonian performance collective Non Grata. The two groups have performed together extensively through 2015 in the Diverse Universe Performance Festival that culminated in a show at the Gowanus Ballroom in Brooklyn last December; they most recently performed together Friday, April 16th during the Anarchist Book Fair at Judson Church.

NG perf Hurricane Patricia best Oklahoma 2015

Photo: Courtesy of Non Grata

Non Grata is collaborating with New York based Wild Torus to organize a new annual performance festival in the Big Apple called NYC UP, or the New York Underground Performance Festival,” said Non Grata’s Al Paldrok in a statement. “We have been touring together all over Europe and North, Central, and South America, and now have put together a new creative melting pot in New York City.The aim is to bring experiments, non-conformism and creativity back to contemporary art. Festival activities promote cultural fluidity through exchange of ideas, concerns and cultural perspectives.


Non Grata and Wild Torus performing at the Gowanus Ballroom last December during the Diverse Universe Festival.
Photo: Courtesy of Wild Torus

Along with the two groups, the night will feature performances by Yolteotli, Jon Konkol, Uta Brauser, Kim Fatale, and Jen Kutler in live video performance curated by Eric Barry Drasin. The show will also have sound-based work by noise musicians Drums Like Machine Guns, Max Alper, Spreaders, Channel63, and I Say Fuck.

NG perf Brain Wash best New York medium

Photo: Courtesy of Non Grata

Prints, artwork, and other merchandise from participating artists will be on sale throughout the night. The show starts at 7:00 pm with an entry fee of $15, with ticket sales going to artists.The Paper Box is located at 17 Meadow st, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.