PULSAR’s “Trouble Performing” Podcast Episode 1 Part 2

Courtesy of PULSAR

Photo: Courtesy of PULSAR

By David LaGaccia

Presenting the second half of PULSAR‘s “Troubling Performing” podcast, a monthly salon focused on talking about important topics on performance and live art practices.

After a short break in the salon, Brooklyn performance art connoisseur extraordinaire Ming Liu shows up and enters the conversation. Things start to get rowdy as the group talks about the work of Andrea Fraser, performances made for video, Ana Mendieta’s current film exhibition at Galerie Lelong, the role of the performance artist and the archetype of the “trickster”, and more! We even manage to bring Star Wars into the conversation, as we connect the dots across the culture spectrum.

In case you’re still catching up, listen to the first part of the podcast here on this site, or here on our Soundcloud page, live streaming and ready to download.

Participants in the first installment of the salon recorded on March 13th include Ian Deleón, Tif Robinette, Charmaine Wheatley, Jon Konkol, Eames Armstrong, Honey McMoney, Ming Liu as well as myself.