Introducing PULSAR’s “Trouble Performing” Podcast

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Photo: Courtesy of PULSAR

By David LaGaccia

Ever have a great conversation about art, and said “Man, I wish we recorded that?” Well, this time we did!

Courtesy of Ian Deleón and Tif Robinette’s PULSAR, INCIDENT Magazine will present “Trouble Performing” a new monthly podcast that features a spectrum of artists and thinkers in the performance art community in candid conversation talking about issues in live performance. Each episode will be streaming off our Soundcloud page, or if you’re like the typical New Yorker and it takes you at least an hour to commute to the city, each episode will be free to download to take with you wherever you like.

PULSAR, a performance venue, will have it’s next event this Saturday at 8 P.M. at Catland Books.

Participants in the first installment of the salon recorded on March 13th include Ian Deleón, Tif Robinette, Charmaine Wheatley, Jon Konkol, Eames Armstrong, Honey McMoney, Ming Liu as well as myself.

In part one of this first episode, topics range from recent shows people have seen, the development of Brooklyn based artist Geraldo Mercado‘s work, the performance work of Nyugen Smith, Lisa Levy‘s parody performance of Marnia Abramović at Christopher Stout Studio, ideas on what makes a bad performance, ideas on what makes a good performance, Robert Bresson and more.

“Everything to be called into question.” – Robert Bresson

Well said…Now, presenting episode 1 part 1!

Click here to listen to part 2!