This weekend in performance art

Get ready for an autumn weekend packed with performance art in New York! Grace Exhibition Space and The Sphinx Returns (curated by Whitney V. Hunter) will host Social Health Performance Club organized by Ian Deleón and Zachary Fabri this Friday from 9-11pm. Saturday at Panoply Performance Lab is CASINGS and TREATMENTS, curated by René Kladzyk as part of No Wave Performance Task Force starting at 8pm. Sunday from 4-6 is the first conversation—called “Resistance / Persistence”— in the series TALKaCTIVE: perfomance art conversation series, organized by Hector Canonge. See below for details on these events. See you there!

—Laura Blüer


Friday, September 25th
Social Health Performance Club

Grace Exhibition Space & Gallery

This Friday, 9/25, we meet again at Grace Exhibition Space and Gallery for a special programming event in The Sphinx Returns at GES. Organized by Ian Deleón and Zachary Fabri, this iteration of SOCIAL HEALTH PERFORMANCE CLUB will feature live performances by Zachary Fabri, Rafael Sanchez, Geraldo MercadoJoiri Minaya, and Heeran LeeSocial Health Performance Club gathers as a collective of artists to produce events, exhibitions, and other public art projects. The Club itself is framed as a performance, gathering together as action, understanding social relationships as artistic processes.

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Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11206


Saturday, September 26th
Panoply Performance Laboratory

“CASINGS AND TREATMENTS,” the second of a two-part performance event series curated by René Kladzyk as part of No Wave Performance Task Force, centers its inquiry around how the masculinized body is housed and modified in the performance of gender identity. Through interrogating masculinity in its material manifestations via human bodies, a group of performance artists will enact gender construction as process, co-constitutive relation, and ephemeral ideation. Behold, artist IVY CASTELLANOS completes actioned tasks exploring the masculine gendered body, while VINCENT TILEY investigates restraint, control, and desire operationalized through the gaze, the skin functioning as artifice and sensual site of action, as Vincent hovers “rather motionless in a suit that is also a painting that is also a hammock that is also a sex swing.” ANDY KUNCL engages with movement, sensory stimulation, and inanimate/animate constructive interaction in collaboration with a posse of movers, COLBY CANNON plays with protection, power, and muscle growth, while STUDIO ROSSI BRODY enacts a crime-scene investigation TV show in “Man Forensics,” operating as social scientists, comedians, and erotic provocateurs.

Image via Studio Rossi Brody:

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104 Meserole Street (between Manhattan and Leonard)
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Sunday, September 27th
TALKaCTIVE: perfomance art conversation series
“Resistance / Persistence”

Hosted at the Queens Museum, Unisphere Gallery
2:00 – 4:00 PM

Participating artists: Thomas Albrecht, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Rory Golden, LuLu LoLo, and Nyugen Smith.
Mediator / Critic: Harley Spiller, Deputy Director of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.

TALKaCTIVE: performance art conversation series is a new program that fosters dialogue and exchange among Live Action Art practitioners, encourages commentary about Performance Art, and prompts reflection about performative processes, methodologies, and styles. Every session is organized around a relevant topic in Performance Art, and the presentation of works by a group of selected artists who share their work, discuss their approach to Live Art, and engage in open conversation with critics, curators, and attending audience. The monthly series consists of a presentation, panel, and open Q&A session where participating artists screen documentation of their work, a curator or critic contextualizes the works presented, and a moderator mediates the exchange of information and resources. TALKaCTIVE is an independent initiative created and organized by artist Hector Canonge. Hosted at the Queens Museum, the monthly series is free of charge and open to the general public.

Image: Chun Hua Catherine Dong

Queens Museum
New York City Building Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Perimeter Rd, Queens, NY 11368