Coming up at ABC NO RIO | Affect Surgery: A One Night Exhibition of Performance Art

AFFECT SURGERY will occur this Thursday, July 16 at ABC No Rio. Artists Tif Robinette (aka. AGROFEMME), Uniska Wahala Kano, Jodie Lynkeechow, Rudi Salpietra, and Naked Roots Conducive will present new performance works with regards to the social body and performative operations. The venue, founded in 1980 and renowned for its “Punk Matinee” series—among other anarchist and community initiatives—is a site that encourages works dealing with issues that resonate in the Lower East Side, a neighborhood still haunted by gentrification’s constant outward push. Curated by Esther Neff of Panoply Performance Laboratory, the exhibition includes works that respond to the question, “Can we use performance art to research empathic strategies for resistance and solidarity?”

ABC No Rio is located at 156 Rivington St, Nueva York 10002
The show starts at 7:30pm, and more details can be found here on facebook.

— laura blüer