Navigating the Bush. A Short List of Performance Art Events During New York’s Bushwick Open Studios

Compiled by David LaGaccia

The streets in Brooklyn become smaller when you live here for several years, but for a person visiting for this year’s Bushwick Open Studios, the neighborhood can get a little confusing. The number of performance events can be daunting as well, with venues ranging from established galleries to performance installations in small laundromats in the heart of Brooklyn. Here is a short list of times, venues and events of performance art happenings in Brooklyn during Bushwick Open Studios.


Panoply Performance Laboratory:

PERFORMANCY FORUM: Bushwick Open Studios Edition

Time: Friday, May 30th, 7 pm

Scene: Panoply Performance Laboratory, 104 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, New York. A small and intimate performance space that is organized by Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle, Panoply frequently organizes weekly performance events, be it performance art, experimental music, or both. They also perform under the name Panoply Performance Laboratory.

Featured artists: Ivy Castellanos, Baxton Alexander, Ben Bennett, Abigail Levine and Gelsey Bell, Honey McMoney, Anaze Izquierdo and Gregory Paul.

PERFORMANCY FORUM is a regular series at Panoply Lab, where several artists are curated around a central them or concept. The performances are then usually followed by a discussion by the artists talking about their work and practice, thus the framework of an open forum. According to the listing, the theme for this is event works in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios, working with the ideas of what it means to be “open” or “closed”. It’s exciting to see Ivy Castellanos, a New York regular, who is now based in New Jersey. Her work focuses on the construction and then destruction of objects and materials. Baxton Alexander, Anaze Izquierdo, and Gregory Paul, are Bushwick-based artists, who’ve shown work at many New York venues. There are a several names I’m unfamiliar with on this list, and I’ll be looking forward to see Abigail Levine, Gelsey Bell, Ben Bennett, and Honey McMoney for the first time.


FUTURE DEATH TOLL who will be performing Saturday 3-7 pm at Panoply Performance Laboratory. Photo by Brian McCorkle


Body Actualized Center:

Après Actualization: A Performance Art Restaurant

Body Actualized Center 143 Troutman Street, Brooklyn, New York. A yoga and performance space in Bushwick.

Time: Friday, May 30th, 7-10 pm

Featured artists: Susannah Simpson, Lolo Haha, Stefan Martin, Raïssa Levis, Anna Fitzgerald, Angeli (Per Form), Annie Doran, Helen Gutowski, Sarah Elizabeth Bisceglie

The Body Actualized Center off of Troutman will turn its regular yoga center into a “restaurant” where you will be able to order performances if you would like off of a prepared menu. The night will feature the talents of Susannah Simpson, Lolo Haha, Stefan Martin, Raïssa Levis, Anna Fitzgerald, Angeli (Per Form), Annie Doran, Helen Gutowski, Sarah Elizabeth Bisceglie.

ISSUE Project Room:

Movement Research Festival: Prepared Field

Time: Friday, May 30th, 7 pm

Scene: ISSUE Project Room, 22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn, New York. A venue for experimental performance and music and founded by Suzanne Fiol.

Featured artists: Lily Gold, Macklin Kowal, Zavé Martohardjono, Honey McMoney, Panoply Performance Laboratory/Drearysomebody, Anthony Rosado, and Claywood Shaared.

Movement Research, a cornerstone in the New York contemporary dance and performance art scene in New York, is hosting a night of performance and film at ISSUE Project Room as a part of its “Fallow Time” festival. The night will also feature film work; according to the listing, you will be able to submit 3 minute films to be shown on the night of the show. There is a $5 cover charge for the event.

Grace Exhibition Space:

Time: Friday, May 30th, 9 pm.

Scene: Grace Exhibition Space, 840 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York. Grace Exhibition Space has been one of the best places to see performance art in New York City for many years. Organized, run and curated by Jill McDermid and Erik Hokanson, the gallery loft space is large and open with significant room for each artist to work with. Grace Space is able to curate the talents of more international based artists than other galleries, making the space a valuable asset in the community.

Featured artists:
Ej Hill, David Bell, Miao Jaixin , Rafael Sanchez

Simply put, this will be a great event that I’m very excited to see. Rafael Sanchez’s performances are always memorable, performing with an intense energy. Miao Jaixin’s performances are visually compelling, well-thought, and satisfying. You can see the amount of work and thought that goes into each of his performances. I’ve seen and interviewed Ej Hill once before, and I’ll look to forward to see his work again. David Bell, also from Los Angeles, is a new artist to me, and will be eager to see his work for the first time.


Spread Art:

Transient ID: DETNYC

Time: Saturday, May 31st, 12-8 pm and Sunday June 1st

Scene: Outside Pine Box Rock Shop/12 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, New York. According to the release, the street between Bogart and Morgan will be closed off on Saturday and Sunday for performances, experimental music, and “participatory instillations.”

Featured artists: Sherry Aliberti, Thomas Bell, Amber Brien, Hector Canonge, Vince Carducci, CocoonNYC, James Cornish, Alexander D’Agostino, Christina deRoos, Future Death Toll (with Amanda Hunt), Jen Clare Gawaran, Myk Henry, Erik Hokanson, Maria Fernanda Hubeaut, ∞ mile (Infinite Mile), Alvaro Jurado, Amery Kessler, Anya Liftig, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Billy Mark, Katie McGowan, Geraldo Mercado, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Esther Neff & Brian McCorkle), Claribel Jolie Pichardo, Sarah Rubio, Kalan Sherrard, Mavis Farr Smentkowski, Shua Group (Laura Quattrocchi & Joshua Bisset), Trouble (Laura Paris & Sam Hilmer).

Hector Canonge performing during Spread Art's 2013 Bushwick Open Studios event. Canoge is scheduled to perform again this year as well. Photo by Christina deRoos, provided by Spread Art

Hector Canonge performing during Spread Art’s 2013 Bushwick Open Studios event. Canoge is scheduled to perform again this year as well. Photo by Christina deRoos, provided by Spread Art

Transient ID: Inside, the Future

Time: Saturday, May 31st, approximately 9pm

Scene: 12 Grattan Street, outside Pine Box Rock Shop.

Featured artists:The Cocoon Project (performance), Thomas Bell (sounds), Amber Brien (sounds), James Cornish (sounds), Christina deRoos (visuals, including a remix of Anya Liftig performance documentation), Billy Mark (sounds/performance), Geraldo Mercado (visuals/performance), Trouble (Laura Paris & Sam Hilmer) (visuals & sounds)

Spread Art, a Detroit based performance and experimental music gallery (whose roots reach back to Brooklyn and the beginnings of Bushwick Open Studios) is again taking over the streets of Bushwick with a long and interesting list of events and artists that are set to perform this weekend. The performances, I suspect will happen a lot like last year, where artists will perform throughout the day, one scheduled after the other. With over 30 artists being presented over two days, there will be a great deal of variety to be enjoyed, ranging from more sound and visual based works with Future death Toll, to more physical, work such as Geraldo Mercado. Spread Art also organized a separate show Saturday night, featuring Sherry Aliberti’s Cocoon Project, with music and visuals by Spread Art founders, Thomas Bell and Christina deRoos.

Performance artists Ryan Hawk and Erik Hokanson, performing in 2013 during Bushwick Open Studios. Photo by Christina deRoos, and provided by Spread Art

Performance artists Ryan Hawk and Erik Hokanson, performing “Free Public Water Boarding” in 2013 during Bushwick Open Studios. Photo by Christina deRoos, and provided by Spread Art

English Kills:

English Kills: 2nd annual Chico’s Laundromat screening

Time: Saturday, May 31st – Sunday, June 1st, 12 pm- 6 pm

Scene: 996 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, New York. A small laundromat in the heart of Bushwick.

Featured artist: Henry Sanchez

Henry Sanchez will create this performance instillation, where I am told, will take place in a public laundry mat, and will contain images and messages regarding environmental issues. He had previously installed this work in another form at this same location during last year’s Bushwick Open Studios. Given the nature of the instillation, I suspect subjects like water consumption will be a theme in the work. The event is being sponsored by Bushwick’s venerable, English Kills.

Ortega y Gasset Projects:

Body As Omen

Time: Saturday May 31st, 1:30-6pm, and Sunday June 1st, 3-5pm, and a closing performance on June 28th.

Scene: Ortega y Gasset Projects, 1717 Troutman St. #327, Queens, New York.

Featured artists: Ryder Cooley, Michael Dudeck, Blanko + Noiry, Maria Hupfield, Rachel Mason, Baker Overstreet, Geo Wyeth and the Institute for New Feeling,

Body As Omen is not technically taking place at Bushwick Open Studios, but, nonetheless, will take part a list of notable performance art events this weekend. Organized by Sheilah Wilson, Omen is a multi-day performance event in Queens, New York, at Ortega y Gasset Projects featuring works by Maria Hupfield, Ryder Cooley, Michael Dudeck, Blanko + Noiry, Baker Overstreet, Geo Wyeth, and the Institute for New Feeling. The show will be catalogued and displayed at the gallery.


Glasshouse ARTLIFELAB:

Weather Patterns: the Smell of Red

Time: Sunday, June 1st, opening reception: 7-9 pm

Scene: Glasshouse ARTLIFELAB, 246 Union Ave, Brooklyn NY.

Featured artists: Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern, with Marcelino Barsi, Mike Hornblow + Juliana España Keller

Glasshouse ARTLIFELAB will host an opening to Weather Patterns: the Smell of Red, a performance instillation that will take over top storefront gallery space. Curated by Jennifer Johung, Smell of Red transforms the space with an instillation that will be worked with by its performers, Erin Manning and Nathaniel Stern, Marcelino Barsi, and Mike Hornblow + Juliana España Keller. The event listing states that it “asks how the smell of red affects the event of time” with instillation pieces labeled with performative scores that look like they will be engaged by the performers.