INCIDENTs In the City: Andy Horwitz, Speaking Of Performance…

Andy Horwitz, founder and publisher of, will host a five-week lecture series on performance at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. The series begins tonight at 6:30 P.M. with a lecture titled The Importance of Being Here: Live Art in the Digital Age, and it will end with an open discussion:

“Why is live performance important in the digital world and how do new ideas and emergent technologies provide new ways of interpreting how live performance functions in contemporary culture?”

Performance art has had an interesting relationship with the digital world with many artists using it as a tool as part of their practice to engage with viewers. Does an artist need to be physically present to create a ‘live performance’? Maybe. When the performer is reliant on a technology that, if it fails, it fails to engage and interact, and then everyone stands around awkwardly looking at their phones and the artist is lost in a jungle of wires.

The lecture is also meant to promote Horwitz’s new blog, Ephemeral Objects: Art Criticism for the Post-Material World; It will also be interesting to see if the topic of video and photo documentation comes up in the discussion, and how to present and discuss performance in a digital publication.

Other lectures in the series will include, A Decade of Change: NYC as Global City (2004 – 2014); Irrational Exuberance: The Performing Arts Market Explained; Performance at an Exhibition; and Collaboration, Creativity & The American Revolution(s).

The five lectures will held at 721 Broadway on the 12th floor in the Dean’s Conference Room. Each lecture will be free to the public. Stay tuned for highlights from tonight’s event.

-David LaGaccia