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Images from INCEN•DIARIO, a new performance and videoart monthly series curated by Laura Blüer of GIRÓN Center for Arts & Tactics. The first iteration of INCEN•DIARIO took place at Panoply Performance Lab on March 27, 2014.

INCEN•DIARIO is an ongoing, traveling event series of both live and video performance art. The curation process includes an open call and select commissioned works. Each exhibition features pieces that communicate labour and physical struggle as a gateway to fantasy and the fantastic. In an art/youth culture that largely tends to veer away from politically-charged and activist work, INCEN•DIARIO exists as an opportunity to showcase artists who are working with radical ideas and addressing the current state of affairs, rather than using their practice as a means to escape it. By making work that directly or abstractly addresses society’s flaws, we set fire to the day and create a glimpse of a fantastic utopian world contained within the performance space.

An evening of live performances and works of video art that communicate labour and physical struggle as a gateway to the fantastic.
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Thomas Albrecht: “El sueño de la razón”

Olivia Swider & Fernando Martinez: “11 Minutes in Heaven”

Jane Claire: “Abs of Steel”

Hilary Sand: “Sledgehammer Piece #3″

Olivia McGilchrist: “Lover’s Leap in Sudden White”

Shobun Baile: “Sanguine”

Linda Paúla Marcos: “Vacío”

Miles Pflanz: Selected Diptychs

Laura Blüer: ” Construir/Destruir “
(w/ Hilary Sand, cinematography by Jonathan Mittiga & Miles Pflanx)

El trabajo es la más hermosa alegría de la vida. Y la luz, la mañana, el sueño y la verdad echaban a andar al mismo tiempo. Labour is the most beautiful happiness in life. And light, morning, a dream, and the truth began to walk at the same time.
—Mañuel Cofiño López (Cuban Revolutionary writer, Havana 1979)